Friday, April 19, 2013

Again? What the F?

Again, our country had to sit and watch in horror, whether they lived in Boston or out west here, in the small town of Manteca that I live in, what evil can overcome a human to hurt other humans. It was just awful to see the news and the pictures of the bloody scene at the end spot of the Boston marathon. I was working on a blog about my illness and the loneliness and isolation I feel(That will be next blog), but as of right now it would feel selfish. What can be a dream of a lifetime for a runner and the excitement to see a great sporting event got overshadowed by those two young men for reasons that are not known at the time of this post, but just as we have time and time again, we Americans get up, wipe the blood, sweat and tears away and go about trying for as normal as we can get

But I must note that I am very sad, my normal, positive outlook is getting low. The mask I have been wearing for the last few years is falling apart. My sister, Chrissy and my husband, Milan are the 2 people who have seen it most of the time. How bad, I'm not sure yet. Living with a physical illness on top of being Bipolar, I'm having a hard time figuring out if I need a padded room or just a few days of crying. I'm really tired of crying though. That's it for now. Be sure to hug a person, make that call you have been meaning to make, finish that letter/card, know one, except God knows their expiration date.

Much love and God Bless America

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