Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Lovely Day in May

  I see I only have 1 follower for my blog. I know it takes some time to get a following. I also know that I have not been blogging every week. The reason is, I do not have a laptop at the moment and due to my illness it is hard to get out of bed to sit at a desk. I will probably be moving my blog and I plan on trying to put up videos and pictures. My 2 major health issues have been difficult this past month, so it has caused me to put my blog on the back burner,but it looks like things are heading into a positive situation finally.

People have asked me how to leave comments on the blog site. I was not sure either, but after playing around,what you do is leave your comment at the bottom of the blog where it says "No Comment". Hit that spot and a box will pop up where a comment can be posted about what I wrote. It does note matter what you post. All comments are welcome. The only ones I really don't like is stuff about grammar. I have a friend that does that for me, plus if you every read books by Ernest Hemingway or Jack Kerouac they did not follow the rules of grammar and they are 2 of  the greatest writers from the 20th century. I know in HS they used to have you read "The Old Man and the Sea", but Hemingway wrote books that were so much better. As for Jack Kerouac, he has some of my favorite writings, whether it be an essay or a piece of fiction. If you never read anything from these 2 magnificent writers, you should go and read some of their work. If you want a book of theirs I can recommend a book, if you want, just leave a comment.

So when I get my laptop and learn a little more about blogging, I hope to be a little more consistent with my blog. It will mostly be about the tragedy of losing my stomach, but I will also talk about the trials of living with manic depression. Losing a stomach is rare, but being a manic depressive is not so I hope to mix a little humor in, while also putting out how serious the illness is. Manic depression has been around for a very long time, but it still carries a stigma.  I will also talk about my writing life, my weird dreams and my battle with concentration, which hinders, my dream of being a great writer. So I hope you take the trip with me as I tell all my stories that are true and at times shocking.

Happy Wednesday

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