Sunday, December 30, 2012

As in the Book of Genesis, there is a beginning

          When I started on the odyssey of how I have made it to December of 2012, there was a beginning and that was in March or April of 2007. I was having some stomach discomfort, but nothing out of sorts. I have always had stomach aches. So when the stomach aches turned into throwing up, I just thought I might have caught a bug because I got sick only a few times and it was gone by the next day.

My husband and I had just bought a house and we got my dream dog, a German Shepherd. I had really tough years before these really good things, so I felt very positive and happy.

Even though I had those positive things I also thought my stomach upset could be nerves because doing all that is stressful, but I was still pretty positive. What loomed ahead wasn't even a thought, not by anyone. At that time I had nausea a lot , it was a constant and I just went through with either prilosec or Tums plus I am prone to seizures and I'm bipolar, so with this whole jumble of illnesses that don't require hospitalization(besides the bipolar, but that's a different blog of mine) So it all was just my life.

So as 2013 arrives in 2 days I will be on here writing about my stomach issues. If you want to leave a comment or a questions please do so. The story will stay on track with my stomach illness, but I may stray. It is so like me! I can go from one subject and it not make sense! LOL Just like Alice,  Why can't we have nonsense

Happy 2013!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sad Day

I have no room today to talk about my health problem that almost killed me. Today I saw another tragedy that we may never make sense of. When I woke up this morning, I saw the horror of what happened in Connecticut. I'm sending prayers to the family and friends to that little haven of a town that saw evil come in. There has got to be a way to keep people who have "issues" and get them the help they need.

I pray for you all who see this and leave you a little food for thought.

          "Electric Communication will never be a substitute for the face
            of someone with their soul to be brave and true" by Charles Dickens

Do you think he had a window to the future?

So I leave you all on this chilly night in Northern California. So for homework tomorrow, say what's in your heart, spread the love, be brave and share your worries, sadness, tears and joy with people. Don't hide behind the fine, great, etc., bullshit. If the person asks, say what you feel, If a shoulder is offered, take it. I know a lot of people hide, but due to what happened to me, I prefer a honest answer.

No one wants to be a constant negative person, I get it. But if you are having problems, don't bottle them up or like me post on FB, try to find a friend. I try, but at times I get shot down, but I get up, try to live my life without limits, yet try to talk about how I feel;

Pray for Newtown, Connecticut this evening.

So have a blessed night and if you can see this let me know