Sunday, December 30, 2012

As in the Book of Genesis, there is a beginning

          When I started on the odyssey of how I have made it to December of 2012, there was a beginning and that was in March or April of 2007. I was having some stomach discomfort, but nothing out of sorts. I have always had stomach aches. So when the stomach aches turned into throwing up, I just thought I might have caught a bug because I got sick only a few times and it was gone by the next day.

My husband and I had just bought a house and we got my dream dog, a German Shepherd. I had really tough years before these really good things, so I felt very positive and happy.

Even though I had those positive things I also thought my stomach upset could be nerves because doing all that is stressful, but I was still pretty positive. What loomed ahead wasn't even a thought, not by anyone. At that time I had nausea a lot , it was a constant and I just went through with either prilosec or Tums plus I am prone to seizures and I'm bipolar, so with this whole jumble of illnesses that don't require hospitalization(besides the bipolar, but that's a different blog of mine) So it all was just my life.

So as 2013 arrives in 2 days I will be on here writing about my stomach issues. If you want to leave a comment or a questions please do so. The story will stay on track with my stomach illness, but I may stray. It is so like me! I can go from one subject and it not make sense! LOL Just like Alice,  Why can't we have nonsense

Happy 2013!

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